The five relics of power are artifacts of great power that can be found in dungeons around the world of dungeon lords. Galdryn's horn, the Robes of Regeneration, the Rod of Divinity, the Shield of Retribution, and the Ring of Protection. When you put each one on their pedestal in the Chamber of Spirits, in Talendor, their boosts will be added to your stats. When all five are joined on their pedestals the true power of the relics will be yours to control. The first relic is located in the Temple Catacombs in Fargrove. The second is in the Naga Temple in the Sagathian Moors. The third is in the Shadow Ruins north of the Battlefields of the Dead. The fourth is in the Draedoth Temple in The Vale of Ruin , and the last is in Ellowyn's hands, in the Maze of Irynthabl, in the Black Swamp.
  • Galdryn's Horn
  • Robes of Regeneration
  • Rod of Divinity
  • Shield of Retribution
  • Ring of Protection